listings.sty with KOMA classes on TeX Live 2007-13 (Ubuntu 8.04, hardy)

When I tried to help somebody to solve a problem in the LaTeX Community Forum, I wrote a short test file, but it was not compilable though it contained just basic commands. I reduced it to the following minimal example:


It was not compilable with TeXlive 2007 on Ubuntu Linux 8.04, the error message was:
! Undefined control sequence.
\lstlistoflistings ...\lol@heading \@parskipfalse
    \@parskip@indent \@startto...
l.5 \lstlistoflistings

After examining listings.sty it seemed to be just a compatibility issue: the listings version 1.3 of 2004/09/07 distributed with the texlive-latex-recommended package of Ubuntu Linux 8.04 (hardy) just doesn’t work with the scrartcl class of KOMA-Script v2.95b (2006/07/30) that comes with TeXlive 2007-13.

For instance scrartcl.cls v2.8 used \@parskip internally together with the parskip/halfparskip/parindent options, but that’s been changed.

After installation of version 1.4 of the listings package by the MiKTeX package manager the compilation was successful.

The line


of listings v1.3 had been changed in v.1.4 to

\parskip\z@\parindent\z@\parfillskip \z@ \@plus 1fil%

I’ve sent a bugreport by launchpad expecting that the new version of listings.sty will be distributed with the texlive package soon.

05. July 2008 by stefan
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