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Sometimes when I’m posting advice and code in LaTeX forums I’m linking used commands to a LaTeX reference site. Then there’s no need to explain a command and its syntax further because the reader could just click on it to get all basic information. In German forums I’m using the reference of Weinelt, keeping in mind that it’s still LaTeX 2.09, in international forums I’m using the classical LaTeX hypertext help derived from the basic LaTeX help and improved by Dr. Sheldon Green.

Because it’s allowed to copy those documents and to install it on other web servers there are several mirrors worldwide sharing the load. Perhaps not every server is reliable, further the structure of servers of reliable institutions may change and links could become dead. Just one example: once the location of the GISS reference has been changed, now there’s a lot of dead links to it and also dead deep links to command pages, just search for the obsolete location, there are even wikibooks and tex faqs using the dead link. Further there’s no redirection to the moved site, just an error 404 will appear when you visit http://www.giss.nasa.gov/latex/.

That’s why I’ve decided to host just another mirror. For now it’s still a mirror, at the moment I don’t know if it’s reasonable to make improvements by myself, but I will see.

You are invited to use that reference too for linking commands in forums/ discussion boards, the LaTeX Hypertext Help is linked above and in the navigation bar on the left side.

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02. May 2009 by stefan
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