New packages and updates on CTAN in June

New packages on CTAN this month:

  • pstdoc – SQLite database and Python script that provides extensive help with PSTricks commands from a terminal window.
  • eltex – package for drawing simple electrical circuit diagrams in the picture environment withouth any special fonts. The circuit symbols follow the IEC 617 standard. eltex runs with LaTeX 2.09 and LaTeX 2e.
  • asyfig – support for including standalone .asy figures into LaTeX documents allowing figures to be rapidly proofed before re-typesetting the document. See Asymptote language.
  • getfiledate – fetches from the system the date of last modification or opening of a resident file, providing a user-friendly interface for obtaining and presenting the needed filedate in several formats.
  • softmaker-freefont – LaTeX support files for the Softmaker Stone Handwriting font.
  • grid – enables grid typesetting in double column documents.
  • Steinmetz notation – provides a command for typesetting complex numbers in the Steinmetz notation used in electrotechnics.
  • subdocs – provides a different approach for multidocument works, part of the Bezocs bundle, see documentation.
  • cpssp – for drawing a two-dimensional representation of a protein’s secondary structure.
  • Inconsolata – a monospaced font already described here.
  • tabularew – tabular extension to improve alignment of multicolumn cells, described in an earlier post.
  • collref – automatically collects multiple bibitem references which always appear in the same sequence into a single bibitem block.

Updates in June:

achemso, CodeDoc, recycle, hyph-utf8, dehyph-exptl, biblatex-mla, Asymptote, luaotfload, latexmk, tdclock, floatrow, xwatermark, tdsfrmath, amslatex-primer, sagetex, isomath, babelbib, biblatex-chicago-notes-df, keys3, prelim2e, xpackages, expl3, diagrams/taylor, chemstyle, xstring and glossaries. For package-specific information visit the package folder on CTAN.

More information about new packages and updates can be found in the ctan-ann archive.

30. June 2009 by stefan
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