TeXShop 2.31 released

Today version 2.31 of TeXShop has been released. TeXShop is a free and open source TeX editor and previewer for Mac OS X written by Richard Koch. The new version requires at least System 10.4 (Tiger) but System 10.5 (Leopard) is strongly recommended.

Some of the changes in 2.31:

  • The “goto error” feature has been improved. Now it’s highlighting the text right before the error (like reported by the TeX compiler) instead of an entire line containing the error making it easier to spot errors, especially when “soft wrapping” is used.
  • The bug concerning the incorrectly drawn toolbar has been fixed as well as other known bugs.
  • TeXshow now comes with a new SageTeX engine that’s easier to install and more efficient.
  • Now the “Abort” command works also when ConTeXt is called. That bug of the previous version was fixed by using bash instead of tcsh as scripting language for the internal calling script.
  • The typesetting can be canceled by a new menu item “Abort Typesetting”, a keyboard shortcut is provided too.
  • Closing the preview window now closes also the pdf file. In previous versions closing the entire document or even quitting TeXshop itself had been necessary for it.
  • Help sections, latexmk and French localization were slightly improved.
  • The defective default KeyEquivalents.plist has been repaired.

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This text is available in German. Dieser Text ist auch in Deutsch verfügbar.

19. February 2010 by stefan
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