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DANTE meeting 2017 in Zeuthen

Right now, from March 22 until March 24, the DESY in Zeuthen near Berlin hosts the meeting of the German speaking TeX users group DANTE.

I travelled yesterday evening with the train to Berlin and then to Zeuthen. The DESY is just a few minutes away from the train station. I stay in the  ”Seehotel Zeuthen” right at the see. There was an informal gathering at 7pm in the “Ristorante Cafe Peperosa”. Due to my late arrival, and because I travelled in the morning from Triest/Italy to Hamburg before taking the train to Berlin, I did not went there.

The registration started at 8:30, at 9:00 Dr. Johannes Knapp started with an introduction about DESY, its history and current projects, from particle physics and colliders up to photon science.

Uwe Ziegenhagen then made a workshop about using LaTeX and Python together. He provided an introduction to the script language Python, to syntax basics such as strings, lists, dictionaries (key-value pairs) up to flow control and functions.

He considered both directions of integration:

  • Generating LaTeX-Code by a Python program
  • Using Python within a LaTeX document

He showed practical examples:

  • Generating tables based on calculated data, output is LaTeX with booktabs
  • Data processing with pandas
  • Reading and writing CSV and Excel files
  • Using the template engine jinja2
  • Automated generation of donation receipts with pandas

All example codes and the presentation slides in German can be downloaded here: https://github.com/UweZiegenhagen/PythonAndLaTeX

Now it’s lunch break. More to see in the afternoon!



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